so my deal is that I edit videos for comedycentral.com (not just me, mind you) as well as making other little things to brighten my day when not surrounded by such fun*. With community sites like Myspace being designed for younger types and Facebook being un-personalizable, I decided to make something that family and friends alike could come and check out what I’m up to, without feeling obligated <<cough, cough>>. Please feel free to comment or give your blasted opinions on my said art. Me and the Internet are likethis so I don’t care what you say anyway.



genY OUT~

*fun not always had when working for giant corporation.


2 responses to “Aboot

  1. GRANDmom ⋅

    Personal comment for developer of Judochop Inc. my talented grand daughter, Judi,
    Initially when I first received the Judochop Inc. I was perplexed for I felt out of sync with the format. We oldsters are not always atuned to what is going on in the electronic media (I really should speak for myself, please excuse). Even though I am always anxious to learn about your role in that giant corporation which was smart enough to hire you I was hesitant to explore. However, I’ve decided to try again–you know that I like a challenge. Sooooo, I looked at brooklyn and am anxious to learn what happened to the building. Did I miss out on an update. Be patient with me Judi, I plan to revisit the site more frequently now that I know that it will not bite me. Right now I’m in the midst of my Oak Hammock sponsored annual cleaning and many other projects. Soooooo please accept this my note of encouragement though belated it is nonetheless appreciated. THANK YOU for thinking of us and taking the time to share. I love you Judi and respect and admire your many talents. 10/5/08 PS What is META cited below?

  2. aalyciah ⋅

    My sentiment(s) exactly pertaining to Myspace and Facebook. I say this and I’m active on both. (shifty eyes) They serve a purpose, are highly addictive, and trumph TV as the quickest way to turn your brain into goo! I’ll make sure to frequent this url more often.

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