Ask a Correspondent – 2.0

If you could ride one animal to work…Vodpod videos no longer available.

Is it okay to tell a lie…Vodpod videos no longer available. Continue reading


Address the Mess CCP13-style

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Here I cut up everyone’s answer from the CCP13 interviews to create a nice satire of what *could* come in the future automotive world…

I still think Hover Boards are the best but that’s just cuz I’m lazy.

My vote’s for Brian Scolaro, actually. ❤

Crooked Tail Opens!

Crooked Tail is open!!

Crooked Tail is open!!

On the One-Year Anniversary of when we were told it would open, Crooked Tail Cafe finally sweeps off its sidewalk and puts out a welcome sign.

I've made a huge mistake...

...I've made a huge mistake...

food looks good enough!
Food looks good!

With the jack-hammers pounding in front of the soon-to-be Super 8, I can hardly wait for more businesses to come. Good luck Crooked Tail!