Barack Obama is Awesome.

and I just love the comments on the official page. It’s really nice to see people enjoying the hard work but also seeing the awesome that is Obama. He really is The One, huh??

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TDS Recap – Week of 12/1/08

Here here to the ending wonder of 2008 that is December, look forward to fun bush mashups!!

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I’d like to think it’d be easier making these weekly recaps if the world wasnt in such shambles around me. But then I guess we’d just be recapping National Kiss a Puppy day.

TDS Recap – Week of 6/9/08

Oh boy was it a great week to come back. Although there was a lack of Samantha Bee and Mr. Mandvi, I suspect they’ve got something ggggggrrrrreat under their collective sleeve. And usually I have no problem taking out a Guest interview (or two) being that’s not what viewers remember about a specific show, but all of them were great this week! I mean, yes, I did have to cut out Monday’s Jim Webb, but only because his response was giggling at Jon’s non sequitur quips–not counting that whole Applebee’s spiel. OY! What were they thinking?! That and Gitmo, which I believe was only talked about as much because of Jon’s pure charisma when using the high-pitched voice, were really hard to get through. Yet still, all in all, fun week.

Oh yeah! Rob was back!! NOW I remember that elated feeling I had when putting in the finishing touches. Good times…

Maybe I really just missed watching the “news” and knowing what’s going on in the world/country. Enjoy!

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Oh, and enjoy the newly FULL EPISODES too! Much excitement going on around here.

Gotham PolitiBits: Hart and Davidson

Most of the L@G comics tried to be evergreen, thus nasty, about all those in politics. Not Kevin Hart. He is the single one of the series to come out and say BLANK is Gold. Rather…Platinum. Whatever, just watch it.

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Tommy Davidson’s after the jump! Continue reading

TDS Recap – Week of 5/5/08

Whef~what a week!! Good guests, not just McCain of course with his super-pandering abilities, but also book whore Fareed Zakaria, as well as featuring almost all of our correspondents (Samantha Bee looks like she’s about to pop so I’ll be easy on her lacking appearance). While I had to cut out Senator Harry Reid’s adorable filibustering bit, I’m moreso disappointed that I couldn’t have just made a montage of “John Ollie’s Ticket to the Pollies!!” He and Cojo were an absolute hit–def my favorite part! But watch for yourself and see:

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TDS Recap – Week of 4/21/08

Well this certainly was a fun week with graphics and sound bytes galore, but I’m really intrigued by this Congo penis theft story. Hopefully Jon will touch on this subject again…

Don’t be dirty. The ellipses is used as foreshadowing, not as a childish pun. Although that would’ve been funnier. Damn.

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TDS Recap – Week of 3/31/08

Back in the saddle again…

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Good week at least. Now for a CC break as I go abroad…ish. See yas!