Obama’s First 100 Days!!!

Still loving every moment with this man::

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HAPPY 100 DAYS OBAMA!! “Only 1360 days to go…”


Barack Obama is Awesome.

and I just love the comments on the official page. It’s really nice to see people enjoying the hard work but also seeing the awesome that is Obama. He really is The One, huh??

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TDS Recap – Week of 12/1/08

Here here to the ending wonder of 2008 that is December, look forward to fun bush mashups!!

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I’d like to think it’d be easier making these weekly recaps if the world wasnt in such shambles around me. But then I guess we’d just be recapping National Kiss a Puppy day.

TDS Recap – Week of 11/17/08

Really the whole week boiled down to the Fiddle-off on Monday.

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and new graphics fancy DG graphics to boot! Change be good?

RNC Coverage Highlights

A satirical but supremely honest look at the Republican National Convention, not to mention the hypocrisy about Kerry and Palin.

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I really just don’t understand people making excuses for the Republican Party’s bullshit. People should learn a lesson or two from Batman Begins Yes, it was just on CBS the other night but that doesn’t mean it didn’t have a good meaning!

Oh BTW I meant the bad guys trying to bring people together through tragedy. Too bad our country has never lived like that. Seriously.