Lessons in Taste Protection

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Happy SWING STATE Voting Day!!

Assignment given October 27, 2008 – to produce 14 pieces on the Swing States of the 2008 Election by Nov 4th…to only be used in a widget on our sistersite and only on Election Day. RULE!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Rut Roh for Earth Day 2008

For Earth Day this year, I took the Footprint quiz from Ecofoot.org to find out how much my greener lifestyle is actually helping the environment–at least before I decide to switch to the Diva Cup. “Greener” meaning government mandated recycling, using Brita filters months past the due date, and occasionally rinsing out my work mug as I fill it with k-cup coffee [good thing they didn’t ask me how many people at work use those little guys!]

Earth day footprint

Well crap. Who knew fighting the vegan lifestyle with all my might was actually harming our beloved planet? Ikate n sawyer LUV guess I need to go cancel the ConEd now.

I’ll miss you LOST!

Vodpod videos no longer available. [Can’t help but show a CC video here. Not done by me but still pretty awesome. I know, crazy, right?]