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TDS Recap – Week of 5/12/08

Oh boy did I the Douche-Bag Off! Perhaps it’s the Southern girl in me that will never die or that anytime Jon does an accent it’s friggin’ hilARious. Either or…I was pleased with this week. Lots of long, yet really great, interviews to cut up and plenty of crappy news hilarity to choose from. Numerous darlings died last Friday.

Good thing you can check out all the clips, white-flash free (that is, unless it’s the TDS graphics staff doing it) at Yep, that should earn me a paycheck this month.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

AANNDDDD I just noticed that the cutting-out-early thing is still in effect and that I, nor anyone who should also do a once-over before putting it out there, did not notice my title flub. I changed it but it looks like it might be there to stay. Aw shucks. Maybe someday when the DVD comes out the right one will be seen.


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